Freestone County Raceway
Class Finish Positions

38th Annual NMA Grand National Qualifier Rd 3 - 5/11/2013
Wortham, Texas

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38th Annual NMA Grand National Qualifier Rd 3 - 5/11/2013
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All Classes
65cc Stk 6-865cc Mod 6-8
65cc Mod 9-1165cc Open thru 11
65-85cc Girls thru 1685cc Mod thru 11
85/150cc Stk 12-1385/150cc Mod 12-13
85/150cc Open thru 1685-112cc Supermini thru 13
85-112cc Supermini thru 16150 4 Stroke only thru 16
125/250 Schboy thru 17 non pro18-25 College Student
250 Stk Nov250 Mod Nov
250 Stk Int250 Mod Int
450 Stk Nov450 Stk Int
450 Mod Int125 2 Stroke Non Pro
250 2 Stroke Non Pro250 4 Stroke Non Pro
450 4 Stroke Non ProPlus 30
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