District 14 Ice Racing
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2018 National (D14 points) - 2/4/2018
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All Classes
M-1 0-51cc 4-8yrs ShaftM-2 0-51cc 4-8yrs 3 speed
M-3 0-51cc 4-8yrs ChainM-4 52-65cc 6-11 YRS
M-5 66-85cc 7-15 YRSM-6 86-200cc 12+yrs
M-7 201-250 Open 12+yrsM-8 251-505cc "A"
M-9 251-505cc "B"M-10 30/40+ Open Vet
M-12 Combo Pro AMM-13 Vintage
M-13 Open A Rubber SoloM-15 0-360cc Sidecar
M-16 361-505cc SidecarM-17 506 Up Open Sidecar
M-18 Hack Open SoloM-20 Womans Open
P-1 Lightweights PassengerP-2 Middleweights Passenger
P-3 Heavyweights PassengerQ-1 Quad A Studded
Q-4 Quad Studded Combo Pro AMQ-5 Quad Open Non Studded
Q-6 Quad 0-90cc Studded 6-12yr 
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