D14 Flat Track

Class Finish Positions

9/8/2018 Owosso TT Race - 9/8/2018
2504 W M21

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9/8/2018 Owosso TT Race  - 9/8/2018
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0-51cc Chain 4-8 yrs0-51cc Multi-speed 4-8 yrs
0-51cc Pee Wee Shaft 4-8 y251-505cc A
251-505cc B251cc + Open Twin
251cc+ Open Single401 Open Vintage 1988 old
52-65cc 6-11 yrs66-85cc 7-15 yrs
86-250cc OpenCombo Class
Quad Open 16+ yrsSenior 45+ yrs
Veteran 30+ yrsVintage 0-400cc
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